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Friday, November 25, 2016

go girl

I see you buzzing around. I see your mind racing even when your physical body may stop for a brief moment. I see you.

I want to hold your hands tightly, guide you to my bedroom, and I want us to sit down for a talk. It’s not about anything bad; you’re not in trouble. I want you to be inspired after we are finished today.

But, I also want you to rest. You being exhausted by the end of everyday, day after day does not serve anyone well. I know you’re doing your best. I know you’re giving it your all. I know you’re trying to live up to the potential people have always seen in you and talked about. I know you’re trying to make a difference to change the world and not waste any bit of your life.

I also understand that you doubt yourself every single day that you don't even know what you’re doing, or even if you’re devoting your time to the right cause. But, doing something has to be better than nothing. Right?

WRONG! That’s the biggest downfall you’re going to come across. Buzzing around in circles is not getting you anywhere closer to where you want to be… it’s just making you tired and eventually you’ll burn out. It’s okay to find joy in this very moment, rather than plan for the future.

I know you’re trying to do right by everyone else rather than doing what makes you happy. I know you’re trying to get it right, to live happily and wisely.

I just want you to know that you’re doing a great job and I am very proud of you. But please know this and always remember: you have so much time. Don’t believe the lies that you have to do it all, and do it all now. It’s nothing but utter bullsh*t that will fragment you, make you go insane, and burn yourself out.

I’d love to see you take a break every now and then. I’d love to see you slow down and relax. Just to catch your breath. Just long enough to clear your head. Self-care is a divine responsibility.

Eventually, I would love to see you live from a pattern of rest- no rushing, no working. Your life needs balance- swing into work, swing back into fun.

You’re going to do great things, darling. I just know it. Celebrate your accomplishments and victories. Take note of all the good. Learn from your mistakes and apply what you’ve learned to your life. Keep track of your progress, because you are making excellent progress! The world will keep spinning when you stop to take a breather, I promise!

Trust me, in the end everything will be okay and if it’s not okay, then obviously it’s not the end. Chin up or the crown slips.

I'm rooting for you with everything I got, always.


Your biggest fan

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