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Friday, November 25, 2016

new girl..

Dear New Girl,

Remember this…

He’s hot headed, impatient and will not back down when you fight
Love him for that because he trusts you completely

He’s a home body who loves watching movies
Make popcorn and cuddle with him on the couch

He’d rather starve all day rather than spend money on food
Don’t be offended, he’s saving his money so that you could go on dates over the weekend

He loves playing football and might be late sometimes
Let him follow his passion, encourage him and be his number 1 fan

He’s not much of a planner, that’s your job
Don’t stress him by asking where you both should eat if you won’t let him decide

When he cries in front of you, it means that he surrenders himself completely
Be there for him, hug him tight and listen

We had lots of adventures and a lot of it he will never forget
Don’t compare because having him is one great adventure

I will always be his first great love
Don’t worry because you’ll be his last

Our story ended while you’re starting to write yours
Don’t ever break his heart even if he broke mine

He deserves to be loved so don’t hold back.

By bii

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